Why choose The Penn College?

The Penn College will provide you with a unique educational experience: thinking differently and outside the square is a fundamental element of our approach to knowledge and teaching. This mode of thinking, which permeates all of our programs, will bring our students inestimable returns.

We are a dynamic, state of the art, independent education provider of vocational courses. Our courses are unique in every respect and we are certain that you will graduate with an education, attitude and skillset that will set you apart from your colleagues and that will have a significant impact in your career.

Learning to think differently

The Penn College was established in 2014 with a specific mission to provide world class, state of the art niche programs for students around the globe.

Our programs have been strategically pinpointed in selected fields that we believe will allow our graduates to gain significant competitive advantage in their chosen careers or profession.

Dental Faculty


State of the art post-graduate courses in niche areas to enhance your clinical skillset, expand your knowledge and ensure that you remain ahead of the pack in an ultra-competitive professional environment.

Innovation Faculty


Our programs are appropriate for decision makers from any start up or SME who wants to improve their organization’s capacity to formulate and implement entrepreneurial and innovative strategies.

Business Faculty


Highly practical and industry relevant courses for students who wish to embark upon a career in the exciting world of business, teaching all of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for success.